History of Pheasant Farm

My name is Marek Panter and together with my wife and brother we are running family owned pheasant breeding farm. For almost 20 year, I and my brother have passion for hunting and nature that comes together with it. In the 90’s during pheasant hunting events we came up with idea to start the pheasant breeding farm. In year 1992 we have bought a trial lot of 700 3-weeks old pheasants. Due to low quality of pheasant that were available in Poland, next year, we decided to buy 2,5 thousand one-day pheasant chicks from Slovakia. Pheasants were bought from Experimental Institute of Veterinary in Kosice. At the same time we also have bought 800 chicks of grey partridge. We have to keep in mind that Slovakian farms are the leading breeders in Europe as far as pheasants for introduction and hunting are concerned. These Pheasants are selected according to its hunting usefulness meaning they have to be “spurt”, nicely colored and very muscular. Our flight of birds comes from couple of independent farms, which guarantees no close relationship (eggs good for hatching about 96%). Cooperation with our Slovakian partners exists until these days.

Pheasant Farm Today

Nowadays our flight of parental birds equals 1800. Number of eggs received during one season is about 80.000. In the pheasant farm 15.000 birds stays for further breeding. Out of that 5.000 are being sold as 6-8 weeks birds and the remaining ones are sold as an adult pheasants. Main customers are coming from Poland (hunting organizations and breeders) as well as from Italy, France, Holland and Sweden. We are in close cooperation with many hunting organizations in Poland providing them with best expertise on introduction of pheasant and helping them in organizing pheasant’s hunting. In the future we plan to expand our farm and add to our offer new game animals.